Breast Cancer

Studies Published From January 2004 - March 2004


Survey Reports Fall in Stem Cell Transplant for Breast Cancer

AIDS Drug Helps Keep Hepatitis B Virus at Bay During Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

Clinical Trials are Needed for Older Breast Cancer Patients

Older Breast Cancer Patients Not Receiving Optimal Care

Breast Cancer Metastases May Share Similar Genetic Profile to Primary Tumor

Young Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer More Long-Term After Effects

Improved Breast Cancer Survival with Clinical Trials

Improving Breast Cancer Follow Up Visits

Lumpectomy and Mastectomy Provide Similar Survival Outcomes for DCIS

More Older Women are Retaining Denser Breasts Causing Potential Screening Problems

Treatment of Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Varies Widely in the United States

Tumor Characteristics May Help Predict Survival in Breast Cancer Patients

European Marketing Approval Given for Breast Cancer Drug Faslodex

Aromasin for Breast Cancer Shows Increased Disease-Free Survival

Breast Self Exam Should Not Replace Mammography

Estrogen Plus Progestin May Decrease Colorectal Cancer Risk

Tagging Faulty Breast Cancer Genes with Fluorescent Nanodots

New Breast Pap Smear Detects Early Cellular Changes

Vaccine Targets Preneoplastic Breast Lesions

Physical and Emotional Well-Being Following Breast Cancer Treatment

Widely Used Anti-Nausea Drug May Interfere with Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

New Imaging Technique Developed to Detect Breast Cancer

Community Breast Cancer Screening Trials Provide New Answers About Early Detection

Short-Term Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe Following Removal of Ovaries

Mastectomy Dramatically Reduces Breast Cancer Risk in Women with BRCA Mutations

Protein Inhibits Cell Growth and May Play Role in Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Endometriosis

Survey Finds Women Pleased with Preventive Mastectomy Decision

Long-Term Use of Antibiotics Possibly Linked with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Doctors Urged to Help Patients Balance Risks versus Benefits of HRT

Link Between Sleep and Cancer Progression Explored

Significant Disparities Still Exist in Screening Mammography Rates

Charities to Make Breast Cancer Gene Freely Available Across Europe for Research

New Breast Cancer Vaccine Study Launched

Questions Linger About Use of Partial Breast Irradiation

Computer-Aided Detection System for Mammography Does Not Change Recall, Detection Rates

HRT Trial Stopped Early After Unacceptable Risks for Women with Previous Breast Cancer

Virtual Reality Helps Breast Cancer Patients Cope with Chemotherapy

New Mode of Action Discovered for Tamoxifen

Breast Augmentation May Interfere with Mammography Interpretations

Tamoxifen Used Cautiously for Early Breast Cancer Despite Therapeutic Benefit

Gene Mutation Affects Sensitivity of Cancer Cells to Chemotherapy Drugs

Radiotherapy Improves Survival After Breast Conserving Surgery

Studying the Link Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer

Using Space Technology in New Technique to Fight Breast Cancer

Primitive Worm Sheds New Light on Breast Cancer

Differences in Breast Cancer Risk Within South Asian Ethnic Groups

Study Quantifies Risk of Rare Uterine Cancers Associated With Tamoxifen Use

Active Smoking Associated with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Diagnosed Earlier in U.S. than Europe

Breast Conserving Surgery Effective for Women Under 35