Breast Cancer

Studies Published From April 2004 - June 2004


Protecting the Heart from Cancer Treatments

Alcohol Consumption and Breast Cancer Risk

Early Predictor of Breast Cancer Aggressiveness

Variations in Estrogen Metabolism Genes Do Not Affect Breast Cancer Risk

Lifesaving Potential of Mammograms Lost Due to Underuse

Changing Practices May Raise African-American Women's Breast Cancer Risk

Partial Breast Radiation Procedure May Benefit Cancer Patients

Study Says Widely Reported Side Effect from Chemotherapy May Be Overestimated

Largest USDA Study of Food Antioxidants Reveals Best Sources

Reversing Breast Cancer Resistance to Tamoxifen

Young Black Women Have Greater Chance of Fast-Growing Breast Tumors Than White Women

New Method of Preserving Fertility in Young Women with Cancer

Researchers Develop Blood Test That Can Detect Genetic Changes in Progressive Breast Cancer

High Mastectomy Rates Due to Breast Cancer Patients' Choices

Researchers Develop Better Understanding of Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer Patients

MRI Better Than Mammography for Detecting Number and Size of Breast Cancer Tumors

Understanding the Caregiver Burden in Breast Cancer Care

Gene Mutation and Use of Certain Antidepressants May Decrease Effects of Breast Cancer Drug

Enzyme PKA May Influence Breast Cancer Response to Tamoxifen

Study Finds High Rate of Breast Cancer Genetic Mutation in Younger Korean Women

Clue Found on Breast Tumors May Help Determine Prognosis

Breast Reduction May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk for High-Risk Women

Other Health Factors Beyond Tumor Size Affect Cancer Prognosis

Aspirin Use Associated with Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

Obesity May Affect Accuracy of Mammography

Largest Study of Its Kind Finds Male Breast Cancer on the Rise

Yoga for Fatigue after Breast Cancer Treatment

Scientists Confirm New Breast Cancer Gene

Two Studies Examine Safe Three Agent Combination Therapy for HER2-Positive Advanced Breast Cancer

Mammography and Pap Smears Should Be Targeted at Healthy Older Women

Body Fat and Its Role in Breast Cancer

Using Mammogram Visits to Encourage Other Cancer Screenings

New Drugs Called VDAs Target Tumor Blood Vessels

Mastectomy Rates Higher for South Asian Women in UK

Scientists Develop New Method That May Detect Lymph Node Metastasis

First Multi-Center Trial Shows Cryosurgery Successful at Treating Some Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Soy Processing Influences Estrogen Dependent Breast Cancer Growth in Mice

Taxanes May Enhance Immunity in Breast Cancer Patients

CAD Proves to be Viable Option For Second Reading Mammograms

Digital Mammography Takes Longer to Interpret Than Screen-Film Mammography

Electromagnetic Breast Imaging Tested as Alternative to Mammography

Researchers Confirm Genetic Link Between Hereditary Breast and Prostate Cancer

Program Predicts Who is Most at Risk of Breast Cancer

Pregnancies Ending in Miscarriage and Abortion Do Not Increase Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Statins Do Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Psychological Barriers to Screening Mammography Among Minority Women

Solvent and Common Drug Raise Breast Cancer Risk

First Study of Resveratrol Dietary Supplement Finds No Effect on Breast and Prostate Cancers

Low Categories of Benign Breast Disease Still Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

Tamoxifen Use Associated With Lower Breast Density

Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting Underestimated by Doctors

Aiming Radar Research at Breast Cancer

Study Confirms Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk in Post Menopausal Women

Annual Breast Screening May Not Be Enough for Women with Genetic Mutations

Unmarried Women Forego Cancer Screening

Race May Delay Breast Cancer Treatment

Exposure to Severn Malnutrition Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Study Finds Association Between Primary and Contralateral Breast Cancers

Immediate Mammogram Reading May Decrease Stress Associated with Abnormal Results

Breast Cancer Patients with BRCA Mutations Twice as Likely to Choose Double Mastectomy

Physical Activity and Survival after Breast Cancer Diagnosis

New Study Highlights Misunderstanding About Risks and Benefits of Tamoxifen

Minimally Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment Shows Promise

Angiogenesis Gene Linked to Biomarkers in Breast Cancer