Breast Cancer

Studies Published From July - September 2002


Less-Invasive Biopsy to Detect Breast Cancer Metastasis

Hormone Replacement Therapy Linked to More Risks

Diet Rich in Soy Protein Lowers Estrogens Associated with Breast Cancer

Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk

Recruitment of 50,000 Sisters of Women with Breast Cancer

One Third of Women Confused About Breast Awareness

Research Reveals a More Complete Picture of Breast Tissue

Radiologists' Interpretation of Mammograms Varies Widely

First Trial of Endostatin Shows Biological Activity

Breast Cancer Gene Repairs Damaged DNA

Phase III Trial With Avastin in Relapsed Metastatic Breast Cancer Does Not Meet Expectations

Contradictory Studies Continue to Muddle the Mammography Debate

Understanding How Anti-Angiogenesis Cancer Drugs Work

A New Battlefield Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Gene 'Blindfolds' the Immune System

FDA Approves New Herceptin Labeling to Include Gene Detection Test

Eating Soy During Adolescence May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Screening Reduces Mastectomy Rates

Breast Cancer Patients Not At Higher Risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Risk from Breast Cancer Genes May Be Exaggerated

New Broccoli Compound May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Telephone, Mail Reminders are Effective for Mammography Screening

Minimizing Side Effects from Retinoic Acid in Cancer Treatment

New Drug Slows Growth of Breast and Prostate Cancers

Obesity and Breast Cancer Risk in Hispanic Women

Understanding How Breast Cancer Cells Progress to More Aggressive Forms

Shorter Course of Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy

Large Reductions in Breast Cancer Deaths Found in Mammography Programs

Task Force Urges Discussions About Taking Prescription Medicines to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Strong Identical Twin Breast Cancer Link

Breastfeeding Has Protective Effect Against Breast Cancer

Post-Surgery Chemotherapy Questioned for Certain Breast Cancer Patients

Drug Wrecks the Power Plants of Breast Cancer Cells

Exercises to Help Replace Hormone Replacement Therapy

Studies Find Soya Benefit for Breast Tissue

New Imaging Test for Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Major Risks Found with Hormone Replacement Therapy

Exercise Lowers Levels of Blood Estrogens

Findings Indicate Advantages of Arimidex in Early Breast Cancer

New Treatment for Skeletal Metastases

Screening Mammography Detects Early Recurrent Cancer in the Reconstructed Breast

Study Finds No Association Between Oral Contraceptives and Breast Cancer Risk