Breast Cancer

Studies Published From July 2003 - September 2003


Link Between Children's Solid Tumors and Their Mothers' Breast Cancer

Stress and Breast Cancer Risk

New Diagnostic Technique May Reduce Need for Breast and Prostate Biopsies

Docetaxel Versus Paclitaxel in Breast Cancer - Results of World's First Head to Head Trail

New Test Can Identify Patients Who May Suffer Serious Late Toxicity from Radiotherapy

Electronic Discussions Help Cancer Patients Cope

Exemestane Shows High Tumor Response Rate in First-Line Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer

North American Mammographers Prone to More False Positives, Study Finds

Diabetes Drug May be New Tool in Treating Breast Cancer

Women Loath to Make Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Exercise and Breast Cancer Prevention: It's Never Too Late to Start

Brain Cells Found to Hold Key to Growth of Certain Breast Cancers

New Study Touts Green Tea's Protective Effect Against Breast Cancer

Genetic Counseling Cuts Fear of Breast Cancer

New Digital Technique Improves Mammography Results

Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Does Not Impact Survival

From Diagnostic Tool to Breast Cancer Therapy

Study Examines Limited-Field Radiation for Early Breast Cancer

Estrogen Found as Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women

Age Bias in Breast Cancer Treatment

Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Survival is Widening

New Study Reinforces Value of Annual Mammogram After 40

No Differences in Survival with Mastectomy vs. Breast Conservation Therapy

SPORE Grant Boosts Breast Cancer Research

Medicare Coverage Boosts Cancer, Cholesterol Screening for Previously Uninsured Adults

Breast Cancer Program for Low-Income Women Suggests Importance of Access to Screening

Different Hormone Replacement Therapies Have Different Risks

Health Food Store Recommendations Could Be Bad for Your Health

Study Examines Origins of Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors

South Asian Women in UK Have Higher Survival From Breast Cancer

Specialist Breast Surgeons Give Patients Better Chance of Survival

"Cut and Paste" Clue to Breast Cancer

Study Suggests PET Not Yet Ready for Breast Cancer Staging

High Fat Intake Associated with Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Researchers Pinpoint Genes Involved in Breast Cancer Growth

Ibuprofen, Aspirin May Reduce a Women's Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

New Study Testing Immune-Boosting Antibody Against  Metastatic Breast Cancer

Radiotherapy Beats Tamoxifen for Treating Pre-invasive Breast Cancer

Cadmium Exposure and Risk of Breast Cancer

Common Antioxidant May Decrease Risk of Breast Cancer

Research Casts Doubt on Safety of Black Cohosh for Women with Breast Cancer

Sampling Breast Fluid to Detect Cancer

Prophylactic Surgery Greatly Reduces Cancer Risk, But By How Much is Unclear

High-dose Chemo With Stem Cell Transplant Does Not Improve Outcome for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Survivors Have Fewer Heart Attacks

Understanding How Estrogen Affects Breast Cancer Spread

MRI Beneficial for Assessing "Probably Benign' Breast Cancer Lesions in High-Risk Women