Breast Cancer

Studies Published From October - December 2002


Boosting 'Tight Junctions' to Halt Breast Cancer Spread

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer Presentation

Undertreatment of Elderly Women with Breast Cancer

Mammography Leads Overall Increase in Cancer Screening Tests

Gene Profiling to Predict Breast Cancer Response to Treatment

Countering Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer Tumors

Dose-Dense Chemotherapy Improves Survival in Breast Cancer Patients

New 3-D Mammography System May Improve Breast Imaging

Reconstructive Breast Surgery Rates Low in Canada

Birth Control Pills Associated with Breast Cancer Risk in BRCA1 Mutation Carriers

Breast Cancer Risk Returns to Normal After Women Stop Taking Hormones

Geographic Region More than Race Affects Cancer Screening Rates

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Found Safe in Menopausal Women with History of Localized Breast Cancer

Socioeconomic Status vs. Race as a Prognostic Factor for Breast Cancer

Study Supports Mammography Screening in Older Women

How a Mutant BRCA2 Gene Causes Cancer

Targeting Breast Cancer That Spreads to the Bones

New Study to Focus on Estrogen's Role in Breast Cancer

Molecular Tag Pinpoints which Breast Cancer Tumors Are Most Likely to Spread

Alcohol and Breast Cancer Risk

Building a Phortress Against Breast Cancer

First Test of P53 Gene Therapy in Breast Cancer Opens

Sluggish Gene May Reduce Effectiveness of Tamoxifen

New Technology Separates Benign Tumors from Cancerous Ones

Mammography Frequently Detects Noninvasive Tumors

New Study Promises Safer Hormone Replacement Therapy

Older Breast Cancer Patients Able to Tolerate Aggressive Treatment

Stigma of Breast Cancer in Developing Countries Costs Lives

New Study Confirms No Benefit to High-Dose Chemo

New Radiotherapy Technique for Breast Cancer

Emotional Well Being in Breast Cancer Patients Who Make Treatment Choices

Viral Gene Therapy to Stop Breast Cancer Metastasis

Task Force Issues Caution on Combined Hormone Therapy

Obesity and Breast Cancer Risk

New Breast Cancer Gene Discovered

Growth Promoted Beef and Breast Cancer Risk

Combining Two Types of Radiation for Brain Metastases

Twin Genetic Signals May Hold Key to Breast Cancer

Developing a Blood Test for Breast Cancer

Microwave Heat to Treat Breast Cancer

Controversy over Breast Self Exams

Lumpectomy Without Nodal Biopsy Linked to Poorer Survival in Older Women

New Technique May Detect Breast Cancer and Define Prognosis Without Surgery

Surgery vs. Surveillance for Inherited Breast and Ovarian Cancers